An award-winning, small business owner, Rush founded and operates Rush Productions, a top-rated multimedia production company in Chicago back in 2006. Prior to launching his production company, Rush worked for ten years as a News Anchor and Sports Reporter for ABC and NBC affiliates in Nebraska and Texas.

A humanitarian at heart, Rush works to help disenfranchised children from war-torn countries gain access to free medical care. Over the years, he has helped to raise over a million dollars for needy children through the formation of various fundraising efforts focused on 5K races and marathons. Rush serves on the Executive Board of AMVOTE PAC, an organization dedicated to promoting voter registration, voter information and voter empowerment among residents in his district. He also enthusiastically volunteered for the Obama campaign at the 2008 DNC Convention in Denver, CO. In 2019, Rush served on Lori Lightfoot’s transition committee for Transportation and Infrastructure. He is a former U.S Congressional candidate for Illinois’ 3rd congressional district. Rush may have felt short with the election results but gained invaluable knowledge overseeing the campaigns entire media operations.

He is a man who wears many hats, but the one Rush is most proud of is husband and father. Rush has been married for 18 years to the one and only Aziza Darwish. Together they have two sons; fourteen-year-old Adam, and Amir, age five. As a devoted family man, Rush always manages to find the time to coach his eldest son Adam’s basketball team. Rush has completed 15 marathons, is a Boston Marathon Qualifier, and finished a full Iron Man Triathlon.