I wanted to share with you a sequence of the work our team produced during my campaign. You may not need every aspect of what we designed and distributed but you will need most of them if you want to run a credible and successful campaign!

Campaign Logo

Your logo is your identity, my team will work with you to make sure your logo represents you and your campaign.

Head shots

My photography team will help determine the top spots and best looks for your campaign photo shoots. You will want to have various professional level photos from start to finish during your election.

Campaign Mailer

Not only will we work with you on the mail design concept, we will research your race and target voters who will most likely be moved by the content and message you are communicating.

Campaign Literature

We distributed thousands of campaign literature pieces when we where on the field. Your campaign lit is your intro to the voter when you and the team are knocking on doors. We will work with your campaign team to make sure the design and your message resonates with voters.

We also produced campaign literature in Spanish, Arabic and Polish!

Our production team produced a total of 8 mail pieces through out the campaign. Every election is different when it comes to how many times you will want to communicate with voters via mail. Our team will work with your campaign with the design, messaging, and create a mailer program that will target voters who support your message and likely vote for you.