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Rush gives a question/answer approach sharing his media experience during the congressional run and how he will apply these services and concepts to your campaign.

Your Campaign Logo and Image Branding?

When I started my campaign, I couldn’t go far without my logo attached to EVERYTHING. So, I designed 3-5 different logos with my team, and we chose the logo that best reflects me as a candidate. Your logo is your identity, my team will work with you to make sure your logo represents you and your campaign.

Your Campaign Website?

I have heard people say the campaign website is not valuable since there are other platforms to distribute your message and policy points. Simply put, this is wrong! Your website is the hub for your campaign. Many of my voters and supporters went directly to my website to learn about my policies and make contributions. If you are a new candidate on the scene like me, your website is a great way to make a solid first impression. Our design team will create a compelling, visually appealing website to allow you to effectively relay your platform and story to potential supporters.

Your Launch Video?

As a first-time candidate on the scene, I knew that my launch video would be critical. I was introducing myself for the first time and I wanted to let people know who I was, in my own words. If you have run for elected office before you don’t necessarily need a launch video. However, if you are wanting to come out of the gates strong, a well-polished launch video to introduce who you are and where you stand is an excellent way to set the tone for your campaign.

Your Photography Headshots?

We shot five different looks about a month before I launched my campaign. At the time I thought I may have done too many shoots. However, about three months in I realized you’ll always need access to large variety of high-quality photos for content. My photography team will help determine the top spots and best looks for your campaign photo shoot. You will want to have various professional level photos from start to finish during your election. I recommend casual, business, and family type photos to ensure you always have access to appropriate photos for your content needs.

Your Direct Mail?

You’re probably saying to yourself, why would I blow money on campaign mailers? Seriously, who reads mail these days? When my campaign did our voter research, we learned that many likely voters prefer getting campaign info via their mailbox. This means our mail program had to be thoughtful and effective. Not only will we work with you on the mail design concept, we will research your race and target voters who will most likely be moved by the content on your mailers.

Your TV Ads?

We filmed three different commercials during my campaign. My first commercial was centered on my platform issue of healthcare. My second commercial was more lighthearted about me running marathons to provide funds for life-saving procedures on children and now running for office. The final commercial was a contrast piece between myself and my opponents. We will produce your commercials and work with your team to place your ads in various media outlets that best suit your race and get your message out to the maximum number of voters. TV is still king when it comes to reaching likely voters, but placing your ads on social media and targeting your audience is also emerging as a major key to victory.

Your Digital Content?

Getting your campaign message out on various platforms is critical for every campaign. People 40 years old and younger crowd spend all day with their smartphones. Communicating directly to voters with short video ads, custom graphics, and photography images is a great avenue for candidates looking to connect with younger voters. During my campaign, we produced an original video or graphic image almost daily for the final 3 months of the campaign. Many of these graphics and videos revolved around my top policy positions. We will work directly with your campaign team to ensure that your digital content reflects you and resonates with voters across multiple digital platforms.

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